Alternative Dispute Resolution

Schedule a Mediation

If you would like Mr. Balch to schedule a mediation of your dispute, please contact his office by telephone, fax, or email to his Certified Paralegal, Cindy Prater, using the information below.

Since mediation usually requires at least half a day, it is important to schedule mediation as soon as the parties agree to use this process.

If a party is represented by counsel, the attorney usually contacts our office to schedule the mediation.

However, mediation does not require the parties to hire attorneys, and if you are not represented, you can call us directly for more information on schedule availability.

If the dispute is already in court, please include the name of the Court and the Case Number in your initial contact.

Contact to Schedule a Mediation

Tel 334-887-0884
Fax 334-887-2380 orĀ 888-615-9185

Email Russell Balch (

Email Cindy Prater (
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